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Tax Fairness Oregon works to raise awareness among our Oregon legislators about tax fairness issues.  We research and review proposed legislation to ensure that it serves the common good.  We meet with individual legislators, attend legislative committee hearings, and provide testimony to protect the interests of the average citizen and wage earner. We work to eliminate wasteful spending that benefits special interests at the expense of the average Oregonian.

We make recommendations to the Legislature on certain core issues. Currently, these include: 

  • Reviewing business and special interest tax credits including:
    • Business Energy Tax Credits (BETC)
    • Residential Energy Tax Credits (RETC)
    • Research and Development Tax Credits (R&D)
    • Environmental Incentive Programs
    • Economic Development Programs
    • Tax Breaks for Education
  • Ensuring adequate revenue collection
    • Kicker Reform and Rainy Day Fund
    • Ensure a robust State and federal Inheritance Tax (Estate Tax)
    • Review new and existing tax proposals
    • Tax enforcement
  • Reforming the tax code for fairness
    • Advocate for progressive taxation (graduated tax rates) 
    • Resist regressive taxes (sales and excise taxes)
    • Capital Gains Tax
    • Ensure working families get their fair share of tax credits (Child Credit and Earned Income Tax Credits)