Reducing Corporate Influence on Politics and Tax Policy

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We joined the movement to amend the U.S. constitution to clearly establish that:

  • Corporations are not human citizens and therefore do not have constitutional rights
  • Money is property, not a form of free speech
  • Facilitate fairness by limiting political campaign spending and its influence on government policy including tax policy.

And the movement is having success.  After many revisions to the words and building a strong coalition, the Joint Memorial 6 passed in the Legislature. HJM 6 has gone to Congress, sending the message that Oregon joins other states in asking Congress to propose a constitutional amendment that removes the definition of “money” as speech and the definition of “corporations” as persons.  

We have joined a coalition called Oregon Democracy Coalition that will continue the fight to get this amendment passed. We will be going to the town halls of all our congressional delegates and to their district offices to get them to sponsor and/or sign on to bills to do this. We need support for this national effort to raise awareness with the public. Please join us. Contact: Josie Koehne   (503) 866-3346.

Read more on our partner’s web site.

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