Volunteer Patrick Story responded to the Oregonian in his letter to the editor:

“The editorial ‘A win for city and state’ (May 17), on the expected startup of SoloPower manufacturing in Portland, praises Mayor Sam Adams for giving the company ‘an even sweeter deal’ than Wilsonville might have offered. Adams’ $18 million Portland property tax abatement is also celebrated as ‘a handsome package.’ If the company does not fold or move to China — CEO Tim Harris has made no legal commitments — it is expected to produce as many as 481 jobs paying $51,000 a year. That’s about average pay in Multnomah County.

“Even if SoloPower sticks around and eventually produces these jobs, it will take decades for the deferred taxes to be repaid. There are also Oregon state subsidies like the $20 million from the notoriously profligate business energy tax credit (BETC). Talk about government ‘entitlements’ — what should Portland taxpayers celebrate about the mayor’s giant giveaway?”

Southeast Portland