HB 3328 – Tax Fairness Oregon opposes a targeted income tax

Testimony for the House Committee on Revenue – John Calhoun – 3.30.2021

HB 3328 would create an addition to the state personal income tax and dedicate all of the funds collected to the State Wildlife Fund. Regardless of the benefits to the state of the Wildlife Fund, this is a dangerous precedent. If this is allowed to pass, every agency of the state that has legislators who support that agency will also try to carve out a permanent income tax targeted to support that agency.

Spending priorities are the domain of the Ways and Means Committee and the entire legislature and should stay there. Priorities change over time and the legislature as a whole should be able to respond to changes.

In addition, this bill also gives a tax credit against the tax increase for the purchase of tags and licenses pursuant to wildlife laws. So, the broader public would now subsidize the activities of a few.

We urge you to let this bill idea die in committee.

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