Tax Fairness Oregon urges you to call your representative before Friday, when the U.S. House may vote on the budget reconciliation bill.


Kurt Schrader (Oregon City) is a wavering member of the Democratic caucus, one of its least reliable votes. He needs our help in standing for the bill.  Let’s call him, and help him vote for the bill.


The House bill would take modest steps to reverse some of the tax benefits Congress has extended to wealthy individuals and corporations. The Democrats’ narrow margin led them to ignore many Biden administration proposals that would reduce income inequality. It’s the best that can be done, and so it deserves our support.


Senate Finance Committee Chair Ron Wyden has released a “discussion draft” outlining some provisions he would include in a tax bill. He has not yet scheduled committee consideration.


We urge action because now is the best time to put your representative on notice that the bill matters to you. If the House fails to pass the bill, the effort may collapse. Few in the Democratic caucus are happy with the tax title of the bill. We aren’t. But progress in a polarized country is incremental.


Presidents Reagan, W. Bush and Trump signed tax cuts that exacerbated wealth and income inequality; Clinton and Obama signed reversals that mitigated some of the damage. The bill under consideration would undo some of the worst aspects of the Trump tax cuts.


We always have more work to do. This is our work: making our voices heard for a more equitable tax code. Whether your representative is Schrader, Blumenauer, Bonamici or DeFazio, your call is important. Call both Schrader and your own representative.  The Capitol switchboard is (202) 225-3121.


Legislators tell us that calls are more effective than letters or email.  And they take less of our time!