What is Tax Fairness up to in Salem?

For the 2022 short session, TFO will be working with legislators to make our system more equitable. We support changes to the timber harvest tax and higher marijuana taxes to support cities and counties and are advocating that users of a new business owners tax break pay for the cost of administering the program. Other issues will undoubtedly arise as we read all the bills and hear testimony. Short sessions usually don’t finalize much tax legislation.

Priorities for 2023 and beyond:

A fairer system

  • Disconnect from federal Opportunity Zones’ capital gains tax break
  • Reinstate a robust timber severance tax for both counties and state
  • Raise beer and wine taxes
  • Revise data center tax breaks
  • Reform property taxes in small or large ways
  • Limit Oregon’s mortgage interest deduction
  • Stop businesses from passing the Corporate Activity Tax on as a line item on bills
  • Refine both Enterprise Zones subsidies and Gain Share

Stop Doing Dumb Stuff

  • Prohibit counties from exempting the share of property taxes that fund K-12 (the state reimburses counties for these tax breaks)
  • Increase accountability for Business Oregon
  • End slush fund for Travel Oregon from lodging taxes
  • Terminate sale and auction of tax credits
  • Reform the kicker